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1. Contact RGJ Power.

Schedule our "No Cost Evaluation" in the comfort of your own home.

2. Installation.

Our certified technicians will install your system with No Cost to you.

3. Enjoy Your Savings .

Start saving money on your electricity bill from day 1 & for the next 20 yrs. Guaranteed

How Solar Systems Work
View a breakdown of the components needed to provide energy from the Sun.
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Business Partners Wanted
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RGJ Power is removing the capital barriers to renewable energy.
Now, installing solar or wind systems on your property is as simple as :

  • A RGJ Power Agreement
  • A RGJ Power Solar Lease
  • Purchasing A Solar or Wind System

  • Read on to find the option that is best suited for you....

          RGJ Power Agreement
    ZERO Up Front Costs*
    Let RGJ Power become your energy supplier.
    RGJ Power will install a renewable energy system on your property with zero up front costs to you and offer you FREE Day-Time energy consumption.
    A RGJ Power Agreement offers you the same power rate you are paying today for 20 years. 100% Guaranteed.

    Zero up front costs*. Stay connected to the grid.
    No hidden maintenance costs.

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          RGJ Power Solar Lease

    RGJ Power believes clean solar energy should be affordable for everyone. That's why we created the RGJ Power Solar Lease, a way for homeowners & businesses to go solar without any upfront costs* and to start saving money from day one.

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          Purchase a Certified Renewable Energy System & Accessories

    RGJ Power also gives you the opportunity to purchase outright a top of the line renewable energy system or accessories.

    Visit our equipment store for convenient online purchasing....

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          Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Priority

    RGJ Power works one-on-one with our clients to determine there needs & budget.
    This helps us provide them the perfect system, while saving them time & money.

    * - A refundable security deposit is required.