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Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
Mono-Crystalline Solar PanelsThe best prices for solar panels is right here at
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Hydroponic Accessories
Professional Hydroponic AccessoiresHigh quality accessoires for your Hydroponic system shipped to your door
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Grid-Tie Wind & Solar Systems
Complete Solar & Wind Grid-Tie KitsLive off the grid with one of our solar & wind grid-tie systems
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Starting in 2017, RGJ Power Aquaponics will offer a year-round source of fresh fish and organically grown herbs & vegetables in Barcelona, Valencia Spain and Nice, France.
What is Aquaponics

RGJ Power Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, re-circulating ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish wastes to plant nutrients.
This is an environmentally-friendly, natural food growing method that harnesses the best attributes of aquaculture and hydroponics without the need to discard any water or filtrate or add chemical fertilizers.
Our Goals

The objectives of this innovative, 21st century business project are:
1. Production of high quality, fresh tilapia, trout, herbs and vegatables to sell to local restaurants, markets and online.
2. Provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly production.
3. Contribute to the social and economic development of our local economies.

Sustainable Activity

The commitment of RGJ Power is to develop a sustainable economic activity with respect to the local environment. This will be accomplished with the following activities:
  • Water will be saved as there is no daily watering of vegatables or herbs in our systems, the only loss will be thru small evaporation.
  • Our indoor lighting systems will be thru low consumption LED lights
  • Our facilities will be located in city centers or suburbs; meaning delivery will be on foot, thru bicycle, electric scooter or public transportation
  • Waste: our solid fish waste will be marketed for sale as a natural soil additive/compost for soil and plants.
  • Our Fresh Fish - Seasonal
    Aquaponic Fish
    Fish are the heart and soul of our aquaponics production. They give life to the plants and we have choosen tilapia and trout for their protein content, omega3 levels, taste, ease to cook and raise.
    Tilapia (Spring & Summer)

  • Easy to breed
  • Can withstand very poor water conditions
  • Fast growing
  • Require warm water

  • Fresh Tilapia The near hundred species of cichlid fishes are more commonly known as tilapia. Shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes are their habitat. They can feed on algae or any plant-based food, which makes them important in aquaculture.

    Their large size, rapid growth and palatability means that they’re farmed extensively as food fish, particularly the Nile tilapia. They’re a good source of protein and are popular among artisanal and commercial fisheries.
    Trout (Fall & Winter)

  • Great for cool temperatures (10°C -20°C)
  • Very fast growth rate
  • Excellent food conversion ratios

  • Fresh Trout Trout are closely related to salmon and are carnivorous, feeding on other fishes and soft bodied aquatic invertebrates such as flies, molluscs and bloodworms among other insects.

    Their environments differ and they can have dramatically different coloration and patterns, which acts as a camouflage when they move to different habitats. Trouts are often raised on fish farms, and they’re an important food source for animals and humans.


    Rain Water Recuperation
    Rain Water RecuperationRGJ Power specializes in large & small scale water recuperation systems for residential uses, housing developments, commercial buildings, farms, sports complexes & municipal areas
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    Amorphous Solar Panels
    Amorphous Solar PanelsRGJ Power provides you with thin-film solar technology at a low-cost
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    Wind Turbines
    Wind TurbinesFrom small home turbines to commercial installations RGJ Power provides a wind turbine for your needs
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    Hemp Insulation
    100% Natural Hemp InsulationFind all you need to insulate your home or office using Hemp Insulation - rolls, sheets & stuffing
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    Clay Building Products
    Clay Building MaterialsClay building blocks, clay based plasters & pigments, clay sheets.
    Find all your ecologic materials here.

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    Adhesives & Bandes
    Adhesives & BandesProven materials for bonding our interior & exterior Vapour Barriers
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    Vapour Barriers
    Vapour BarriersHere you will find a wide assortment of interior & exterior vapour and wind barriers
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    Solar Pumps & Fountains
    Solar Pumps & Fountains12 & 24v pumps, fountains and accessoires are available here
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    Invest with RGJ Power
    Invest with RGJ Power LtdRGJ Power offers you many sustainable investment opportunities
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